Board of Directors

The KEYS Board of Directors operates within a Policy Governance model based on the work of John Carver. This means the Board plays a leadership role, focusing on the big picture and visions for the future; rather than getting lost in the operational and administrative details of the present. The Board is responsible for directing and protecting the organization in the interests of the community. It encourages a diversity of viewpoints and clearly distinguishes board and staff roles.

The key areas of governance responsibility include the following:

  1. Determination of the mission, vision, and values
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Corporate policies development
  4. Selection and evaluation of the Executive Director
  5. Linking of the organization with the community
  6. Ongoing maintenance and development of the organization
  7. Compliance with legislation and policy
  8. Assurance that adequate resources are available
  9. Assurance that proper financial controls are in place
  10. Advocacy for responsive legislation, policy and resources pertaining to the purpose of KEYS

Board Members

         Les Morley – President

         Alec Ross – Vice-President

         Scott Lee – Treasurer

         Wendy Vuyk – Secretary

         Pennie Carr-Harris  – Past-President/Director

         Lynn de Montigny – Director

         Jo Anne Payne – Director

         Rhonda Neulander – Director

         Monica Stewart – Director