Customer Service Charter

KEYS Customer Service Charter has been developed to recognize and promote the dignity and worth of all people who use the services of KEYS Job Centres. It has been developed in collaboration with clients and staff of KEYS with the intent that this document will cultivate and promote a safe and respectful organizational culture.

The Board of Directors of KEYS has endorsed the Customer Service Charter and expects that every one working at KEYS will respect and uphold this Charter to the extent permitted by law and government requirements.

Standards You Can Expect

When you access services at any KEYS office you have the following rights:

  • Right to be respected
  • Right to be free from discrimination on any grounds
  • Right to individuality, dignity, and freedom of choice
  • Right to privacy and the expectation that the information you share will remain confidential
  • Right to speak and be heard
  • Right to be free from violence
  • Right to equitable opportunity
  • Right to be involved and included
  • Right to be informed
  • Right to quality, prompt services


Customer Service Charter (53 KB)