Services for Employers

KEYS has helped employers meet their human resource needs for over 30 years. We serve over 5,000 job seekers and support over 600 employers annually with staff recruitment, training and retention strategies. Our services can save you time and money and help grow your business. An Employer Services Consultant can help match potential employees to your needs as well as offering additional services and benefits, such as:

Other service to employers include:

  • Certifications and training : We offer Smart Serve, Service Excellence, Working from Heights, WHMIS and a variety of other training to your future employees.
  • HR Support and training : KEYS offers seminars for employers and organizes presentations on topics related to creating ‘inclusive workplaces’, accessible customer service and responsibilities under the Ontario ESA.


KEYS can also help you connect with a refugee or newcomer looking for an opportunity. Contact us today for more information!