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Farm Worker-Organic Vegetable Farm - Full Time / À Temps Plein

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Roots Down Organic Farm

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Farm Worker-Organic Vegetable Farm • Full Time / À Temps Plein

Date Posted: 18 Dec 2017

Application Deadline: 01 Apr 2018

Location: Town of Gananoque

Category: Other / Autre

Hours Per Week: 40

Pay Rate: Hourly Wage / Rémunération Horaire$14.00 negotiable

Language Requirements: English / Anglais

Job Description:

Terms of Employment: Pay: $14.00 per hour (negotiable depending on experience) May 1 to November 15, 2018, 40-50 hours/week, Mon-Fri, Sat. occasionally.

Primary Duties: – Planting (mechanical transplanting on a water wheel transplanter, hand transplanting, as well as some greenhouse seeding) – Irrigation set-up and maintenance – Application and removal of row cover – Cultivation (hand weeding, hoeing, crop thinning, trellising of tomatoes, peas etc.) – Greenhouse construction and maintenance

Secondary Duties: – Post-harvest processing of vegetable crops (cleaning, sorting, bunching, bagging, as well any other process required to prepare our crops for delivery) – Cleaning and organization of work areas, loading of delivery vehicles

General Requirements: – Reliable transportation to and from the farm (carpooling may be available from Kingston). There is no on-farm housing. – Arrive on time, ready for work, at 5:30-6:00 A.M., able to work 10+ hours a day when needed, outdoors during all weather conditions. – Ability to lift 40-50 pounds, bend over for long periods of time, work on knees and in crouch positions. – Ability to work well as part of a team, as well as independently for long periods of time – Must be hard-working, reliable and enthusiastic; able to follow directions and communicate directions to others; and have strong attention to detail – Comfortable working around tractors/machinery and potentially driving large vehicles

Assets: – Previous farming experience, or other experience working under physically demanding conditions – Interest in multi-year employment

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