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Customer Service Representative- Administration - Seasonal / Saisonnier

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Organization Overview:

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Kingston Destination Group

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Industry Sector: Customer Service / Service à la clientèle

Organization Description:

Kingston Destination Group operates Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises, Kingston Trolley Tours, Waterfront Gifts & Apparel, Wheelhouse Culinary, and K-Pass. We are committed to being the portal to the inspired visitor experience in the Kingston 1000 Islands destination. 

Job Listing #520

Customer Service Representative- Administration • Seasonal / Saisonnier

Date Posted: 30 Jan 2018

Application Deadline: 20 Apr 2018

Location: Kingston and Surrounding Area

Category: Other / Autre

Hours Per Week: 15-40

Pay Rate: Hourly Wage / Rémunération Horaire $14.00 +

Language Requirements: English / Anglais

Job Description:

As a Customer Service Representative - Administration staff member you will work in our administrative office. You will communicate and interact with guests through email, live web chat, over the telephone and in person. You will be responsible for keeping up-to-date with our company’s internal products as well as our partners’ offerings. You will help work with guests through the selling process by offering suggestions, answering questions and building customized itineraries.

You will have daily general administration tasks to complete, including preparing daily seating plans, publishing monthly cruise schedules and other tasks as required. You will contribute to the success of the Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises & Trolleys by being a brand ambassador and a valuable team member.


We are looking for candidates who can deliver outstanding customer service in a very demanding, fast-paced and ever-changing environment. The best applicants will be well organized and adaptable, with excellent multitasking skills and a proactive approach to sales and customer service. Applicants must have excellent communication skills in all capacities, particularly over the phone.

Experience in a retail, customer-service or office administration oriented workplace is an asset.

Proficiency in other languages is also an asset.

Additional Requirements:

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