Services for Job Seekers

KEYS has specialized services and programs to help you with your employment needs. Whether you are unemployed, under-employed, a young person just starting on your career path, a career-changer or an experienced worker who has been recently laid off and is contemplating your next steps, KEYS can help.

Our employment services are flexible and driven by your needs. You can choose to have an Employment Advisor assist you to achieve your employment goal or visit one of our Resource Centres for unassisted support.

KEYS can help you with:

Planning and Coordination

We can assess your needs and help you put a plan together so you can reach your employment goal quickly. KEYS Employment Advisors are experienced professionals with expertise in diverse occupational areas. We can assess your marketable skills, identify labour market opportunities and determine appropriate services and resources to move you closer to your goal.

Resource and Information

With a comprehensive resource centre and knowledgeable staff, KEYS is the place to find information on:

  • Local labour market; job leads and contacts
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Career planning and job search strategies
  • Employment Ontario programs and services
  • Community programs and supports
  • Programs and services that support employment

Job Search*

We know what it takes for individuals to succeed in their job search. Factors which can affect your job search success may be unclear job goals, limited self-marketing skills, lack of training or lack of support. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Explore career options
  • Explore training requirements relating to your goal
  • Support, mentoring and coaching during your job search process
  • Orientation to workplace rules, expectations, rights and responsibilities
  • Preparation of resumes, cover letters, job applications, interview and job search strategies
  • Referral and access to services, education or training

Job Matching and Placement*

For individuals who may have difficulties conducting their own job search, KEYS can help:

  • Match skills and interests with work opportunities
  • Facilitate work opportunities and negotiate employment relationships on your behalf
  • Create experiential or on-the-job training opportunities
  • Support you in the job so that you are successful
  • Access financial support

Job Retention

Our services extend beyond just helping you find a job. We help you succeed at work so you can maintain your employment. We offer you coaching, mentoring and if appropriate, additional supports.


* Some services are subject to eligibility and suitability

For more information or to get started:
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