Volunteer with Refugees

Community members can help newcomer refugee families get settled in Kingston. We are looking for eager and committed volunteers to join Family support teams, lead Family support teams, or do informal language interpretation.

Volunteer roles:

1. Family Support Team Leader

  • Work with Refugee Resettlement Services team to assemble a support team of 7-10 volunteers to assist and support the family
  • Coordinate & delegate ‘tasks’ to support team in providing services to the family you are assigned to
  • Keep team connected and up to date with family activities and needs
  • Provide direct support and accompaniment to a refugee family
  • Act as the primary contact/liaison between the volunteer Support Group team with KEYS – attend monthly Team Leader meetings and communicate regularly with staff
  • Time Commitment: 15-20 hours/month for 1 year

2. Family Support Team Member

  • Provide social support and friendship
  • Introduce family to the community and to community organisations
  • Show / explain transit system
  • Help with shopping / where to shop
  • Coordinate tasks with team leader and group members; give suitable notice or find replacement
  • Time commitment: 5 hours/month or more for at least 6 months

3. Informal Interpreter

  • Provide informal language interpretation at community information events/programs
  • Be available for informal language interpretation for meetings with Resettlement Services staff, settlement workers, employment staff, or Support Group members as needed