Welcome Refugees

The government of Canada has committed to bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada within the next few months. KEYS Job Centre is working with our community to welcome and support refugees from Syria and elsewhere. Newly arrived refugees can access any of our many Immigrant Services & Programs.

Community members interested in supporting refugee resettlement in Kingston can find out how on the City of Kingston website.

Employers who can offer an employment opportunity to a newcomer should contact us today:


Provide an Employment Opportunity to a Newcomer

  • Many refugees are ready and legally entitled to work and are/will be looking for paid employment to support their families and contribute to their new communities. Are you interested in providing a supportive, flexible work opportunity to a newcomer? KEYS Job Centre can connect you to a refugee or newcomer looking for work and support everyone to ensure success! Answer these questions and we will contact you to begin the matching process. Or, contact us today for more information: 613-546-5559.
  • *Note: Needs will vary according to each individual’s situation. Some candidates may not need any kind of accommodation, whereas others might need some support and flexibility around issues such as scheduling, language levels, etc. KEYS can help both employers and candidates to ensure a suitable arrangement for all parties, including providing access to financial incentives when possible.