Who We Serve

As the largest provider of comprehensive employment services in Kingston and its surrounding region, we provide services to the whole community.  Employers who require assistance to recruit and train staff; and job seekers who require job search support can find the help they need through KEYS.

Whether you are employed or unemployed; looking for a job or exploring career options; a young or mature worker; a new Immigrant or an employer looking to hire the right staff; KEYS can help. Our success in helping our clients is based on our expertise and our understanding of the client groups we serve.

Those we serve fall into three main categories:

Job Seekers

Adults – Individuals over 29 years old, who are either unemployed or underemployed.

Persons with Disabilities – Individuals who have a permanent disability and are not a student.

Youth – 16 to 29 years of age, out of school and not returning to school full-time.

Students – Students, who are looking for part time or summer employment.

Newcomers to Canada

New Immigrants to Canada requiring settlement help, English training and job search support.


Local employers within the Kingston – Gananoque area and surrounding region.

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