There are many ways to volunteer at KEYS. Whether you enjoy helping the youth in our community or our newest community members, we invite you to find out ways you can make a difference. VOLUNTEERS...We Help Change People’s Lives. Click here

'There are times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but we always have the power to make a difference.'

Insight Mentoring Program: We need leaders in our community to volunteer to be mentors. One-to-one mentoring partnerships are made based on shared interests and on the career goals of the youth. Share your story and experience and make a difference. Varying levels of commitments are available to fit your schedule. To apply or for more information visit: Click here or email insight@keys.ca or call 613.546.5559

Volunteer with Refugees

Community members can help newcomer refugee families get settled in Kingston. We are looking for eager and committed volunteers to join Family support teams, lead Family support teams, or do informal language interpretation.

Volunteering with refugee families in our community is a special and rewarding opportunity!

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