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All of the information that you need to manage jobs, jobseeker info, employers and applications can be found if you look in the column on the left, under ‘Job Board‘.

WordPress / Job Board help:

Carol Tomalty

613.389.1798 (best for calling)
613.532.4512 (best for texting)

Staff Training Videos

Here is the link to the KEYS staff training videos channel.


Password: 4KEYS-staff/GETSin4

Quick Reference / Instructions

Scroll down to see all of the instructions. More will be added as needed.

Featured Job

To make a job ‘featured’, check the box in the upper right corner when you are editing the listing. It will appear on the job board with a blue background and will be placed at the top of the list.

Change an Employer’s Password

There is a ‘forgot password’ link on the employer’s login page. Encourage employers to use that password. It will send the reset email to the email address in the account.

If they no longer have access to the email address on the account (common if an employee was using a personal email and left the company), you can change the password by going to Dashboard > Users > Search and finding their account. Click on the account name or hover over it and then click on the Edit link. Change the password manually and email it to the client. You can also change the email address on this screen.

Link to Video instructions – How to change an employer’s password or email address (from the backend)

Clear the red dot next to applications

To clear the red dot next to the applications, you need to mark the application as ‘read’. You can do this one by one or in bulk, if there are a lot of them.

Link to Video instructions – How to clear the red applications dot

Approve an Employer account

New employer accounts will initially show as ‘inactive’. They currently have two states – ‘active’ or ‘inactive’.

To approve an employer, change their status to ‘active’.

Link to Video instructions – How to Approve an Employer