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Serve Canada, Serve In Kingston - Positions in Signals & Intelligence in Army Reserve - Part Time / À Temps Partiel

Organization Overview:

21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (Candian Forces Army Reserve)

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Industry Sector: Other / Autre

Organization Description:

Who We Are 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) exists to provide trained Army Electronic Warfare operators and support personnel to the Canadian Forces. We are the only Reserve Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadron within the Canadian Forces that is a part of the Regular Forces Regiment. This allows excellent opportunity for the unit and its members to train, exercise and deploy with both Regular & Reserve Force units throughout the country voluntarily deploy overseas. Deployments occur both in their EW Specialties, and in positions related to their initial trades training. Electronic Warfare involves the intercept, Location, Analysis and Jamming of a potential enemy’s communications on the modern battlefield. To fulfill our mission, we combine the training of Communicator Research Operators, Intelligence Operators, ACISS (Signal) Operators, and Support Trades to complete our tasks. Both Communicator Research Operators and Intelligence Operators then go on to take a series of additional courses directly relating to EW equipment and process. Many of our members have chosen to serve in various UN and NATO peacekeeping mission around the world.

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Serve Canada, Serve In Kingston - Positions in Signals & Intelligence in Army Reserve • Part Time / À Temps Partiel

Date Posted: 24 Nov 2022

Application Deadline: 16 Dec 2022

Location: Kingston and Surrounding Area

Category: Other / Autre

Hours Per Week: 4-40

Pay Rate: Salary / Salaire 0 TO 22,000

Language Requirements: Bilingual / Poste Bilingue

Job Description:

  • The Reserve component of 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment has several positions open now. Training and employment with the reserves begins on completion of the application process when an offer is made (we don't make you wait). In addition to full time training from when you are available until the end of the summer, there is part time training of one evening a week, and two weekends a month during the academic year. Students will also be eligible for $2000 per year in tuition assistance. The Army Reserve has a program which guarantees that all new members will be offered full time employment for their first four years in the reserve. While this is an ideal summer job choice for both students and recent grads, it is also flexible and appropriate for those looking for a strong second career, or a start point for a full time career later in the Canadian Forces or other federal departments.
  • The primary role of the Reserves is to augment, sustain and support the Regular Forces at home and abroad. Reservists train and work at a unit close to their home and are not obligated to move or to serve overseas, as is typical with the Regular Force. However, many of our members have chosen to deploy on operations and training both at home and abroad, often with the Regular Force portions of this mixed unit or with other CF formations when positions are available.
  • The following reserve occupations are currently being hired by this unit:
  • Signals Intelligence Specialist (SigInt Spec)
  • Signals Operator (Sig Op)
  • Intelligence Operator (Int Op)
  • Vehicle Technician
  • Human Resources Administrator (HRA)
  • Financial Sevices Administrator (FSA)
  • Materials Management Specialist (Supply Tech)
  • Mobile Support Equipment Operator (Driver)
  • Signals Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • For information on the positions which would represent the best experience for you please contact us to attend an information session. We are always open to your questions by email at or by phone at 613-541-4434 (email is best).
  • 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) is the Canadian Forces only Land Electronic Warfare unit. Unique when compared to most capabilities in the Canadian Army, the organization is structured with both the Regular Force and Reserve Force components of the capability together in one ‘Total Force’ unit. The high pace of 21 EW Regt offers excellent opportunities for the Reserve members of the unit to train, exercise and further develop their skills while remaining in the Kingston Community. Many members of the Reserve in the unit started as students and have remained with the unit for an extended period in addition to their civilian employment, or transferred to the Regular Force after completing their education.
  • Applications may be started now by going directly to the Canadian Forces Website at the link below, and you are always welcome to attend an information session after completing the online application. It is possible to change the trade and position you have applied for at several stages in the application process if you are unsure of which trade offers the best experience for you. email us to let us know your application has been submitted so that we can make booking for you right away.
  • Applicants must meet three conditions of basic eligibility. Age – Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 57. There are no restrictions on applicants aged 18-57. Applicants aged 16 and 17 must have parental permission to apply, and applicants aged 16 must be in school. Citizenship – Applicants must be citizens of Canada or be permanent residents, Permanent residents aplications may have delays adssociated with the background checks for some positions. Education – Applicants to most NCM roles must have completed at least Grade 10 high school. Applicants for any officer positions must have completed, or be presently enrolled in an academic program equivalent to a university degree or higher. Those educated outside Canada will need to show their Canadian Equivalency.
  • Reserve pay at entry level is based on $102 per day for NCMs and $116 for officers. During full time service, pay is 7 days per week. New members of the unit that are available for four full time months during the summer can expect to be offered approximately $19-20K of employment in their first year with pay rising each year with training and time in rank. Reserves have dental, pension and other benefits which increase with class of service as well as being eligible for other low cost benefits through SISIP.

Additional Requirements: Must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent resident.

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