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Next Horizon – Career Support for International Graduates
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If you’re an international student and recently graduated from a top-level, innovative program at a Canadian institution such as Queen’s University or St. Lawrence College, you may be thinking of settling and are ready to figure out the next steps for working in your career of choice.


KEYS is here to help!

The good news is that most international students in Canada are eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) upon graduation.

Once you have it, however, navigating the job search can be quite a challenge. Even with your training in Canada, you may feel you lack the professional networks and tools to get that job you really want to do and grow in a field you really love.

Start looking for exciting job opportunities right here in Kingston!

Employers are increasingly aware that diversity is the key to future business growth and innovation; and they’re actively seeking to establish a globally-connected workforce. As an international graduate, you bring unique perspectives to your job, as well as experience and talent to our community. That wealth of skills is the perfect fit for many kinds of businesses in a thriving city like ours—and it’s precisely what KEYS’ Next Horizon program sets out to do: to connect international graduates to local opportunity.

KEYS is your advocate

After the success of a recent pilot program, KEYS Job Centre launched the Next Horizon initiative with the support of RBC Future Launch. This new program helps international graduates like you transition into career-level opportunities in the Kington community by providing training opportunities and support in professional-level job search, helping you develop confidence in your skills and abilities, and assisting you in building your networks, matching you with employers and finding career opportunities in your field of interest.

Let us help you:

  • Develop professional networks and connect with local businesses that recognize your outstanding qualifications
  • Write career-focused resumes; perfect your interview skills; and make your LinkedIn profile work for you
  • Gain work experience as you learn the pathways to permanent residence

To apply for the Next Horizon Program for International Graduates, contact or call 613.546.5559