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Equity, Diversity,
& Inclusion Solutions

EDI Plus


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Building on the success of the workplace Inclusion Charter initiative, KEYS is now offering a variety of enhanced and customized EDI, Learning and Development Support for fee services to employers, service providers, diverse talents, and settlement agencies.


Who will benefit from EDI Plus Services:

Employers located outside of Kingston and/or in Kingston but need support with more than one EDI tool to implement in your workplace; umbrella organizations needing EDI support; and all service providers and settlement agencies.


Overview of EDI Plus Services offered by KEYS:

1. EDI Environmental Scan

A survey that will assess organization’s current state of EDI in 4 layers of employment and/ or service provision

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment and/or Service Delivery practices
  • Organizational Culture/ Service Provision Cultural Sensitivity
  • Equity, Accessibility, Accommodation and Retention

2. HR Policies and Procedures Review from an EDI lens

3. Developing/ Reviewing Inclusive Hiring and/or Service Delivery Practices

4. EDI Training (3 modules)

  • Fundamental phase
  • Intermediary phase
  • Advanced phase
  • Occupational Health and Safety and
    WSIB Orientation
  • Cultural Competency Vs. Cultural Humility

5. Drafting/Reviewing EDI Statement and EDI Policy

6. Developing a Climate
Survey and Demographic Data Collection Survey

A 2 -part survey that assesses the level and types of different representations within the organization as well as the general climate and sense of inclusivity and belonging within the organization

7. Training for Talents:

  • Understand what Diversity, Inclusion and Equity mean in an Employment Context and how Similar or Different they are.
  • Diversity Elevator Pitch
  • Canadian Workplace Culture Module
  • Employees Rights and Responsibilities in
    the Workplace
  • Occupational Health and Safety and
    WSIB Orientation
  • Cultural Competency Vs. Cultural Humility