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Equity, Diversity, &
Inclusion Solutions
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Kingston, Ontario and Canada are becoming home to an increasing number of newcomer communities.

The workforce of today and tomorrow is diverse in terms of race, gender & sexuality, ability, linguistic skills, religion and more. Creating an inclusive workplace and community is a must-do for all organizations.


KEYS can help you position your business for growth and success by implementing the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through three key projects:


Workplace Inclusion Charter ‒ Join a growing number of Kingston-area employers committed to inclusion and sign-on today! Get support from a qualified team of Inclusion staff with real-life experience and expertise to assess your workplace and implement one key change towards greater equity, diversity and inclusion within your workplace.


EDI Plus ‒ Support with implementing more than one EDI tool into your local workplace, or help implementing EDI into workplaces outside of Kingston (and neighboring areas); and help implementing EDI for services providers regardless of their location.


IBI (Innovation for better integration project) – A partnership with local Kingston and area Service Providers to participate in EDI conversations to enhance service delivery practices and collectively design a more inclusive service provision model.

The following chart shows which solutions may best work for your organization.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would be happy to help assess your needs and find the solution that will get you started on your journey toward a more inclusive organization!

EDI Community of Practice

If you are a Workplace Inclusion Charter Employer Partner and would like to share with other employer partners some of your best practices, ask questions, get to discuss challenges and tools to support your EDI strategic plan, please visit our EDI Community of Practice!

The EDI – COP is a safe space where employers can ask questions, get support, and share best practices of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as well as knowing about EDI events happening in the broader ecosystem! This is a members only space. Password is required.

Please contact if you are a workplace Inclusion Charter employer partner and would like to gain access to our EDI Community of Practice.